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Elgg Xrumer Mod Creation Tutorial – Final Step 5 Posting

Today we complete Xrumer Elgg Mod Tutorial. We will teach Xrumer to post message on Elgg site.

Open up Firefox, disable java script and login into your account.

We need to find the post link. It’s pretty simple – Blogs tab.



Click on Blogs tab.

Now take a look at address bar in browser.



Update rule in xurl.txt



Update xmessages.txt FORUM section.


Now Xrumer know where to find “Forum”  ;-)



So, lets click on it !



Update rule for new post in xurl.txt




Almost done, folks.


We need to populate form fields.



Update xas.txt file accordingly.

Title and Description fields default Xrumer can populate without modding. To populate tags and excerpt fields we can reassign existing sections in xas.txt for example INTERESTS for tags and SUBJ2 for excerpt.

Lets do it.




Project will look like this


Very Important !!!

Project Priority Categories



Congratulations ! All Done. Now You Xrumer Expert !

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  • gossapril says:

    Hi Neru,
    Thanks for your post.
    Please tell me where to find “Project Priority Categories” on Elgg?

    • admin says:

      Not in Elgg. In Xrumer Project.

  • gossapril says:

    I dont understand what is “publ”, and why do you know you must put it into Xrumer project?
    What is the role of “Publ”? And do I need to place in into xrumer project when I work with other platform?

    • admin says:

      For Elgg you need it. Xrumer use it to populate Categories. In our case we need to select Status – Published and Access – Public from drop down list on “Add Blog Post” form.

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