Get better at critical reading with these 9 easy hacks

At the beginning of every learning period, students are assaulted with lengthy reading lists of reading resources selected by course lecturers as learning guides for the entire learning period.

Getting through the list is hectic, and more so, when these same texts are examinable. Reading all of the texts is not a matter of choice and after trying out a few of them, most students give up halfway through.

Some become unenthused by the sheer volume of the reading lists while others become dissuaded by mental blocks they encounter when they try reading the books.

Getting through the course resources and getting a decent grade requires critical reading. Critical reading is a deeper and more engaging interaction with the text that helps in further understanding and retaining the content of a given book.

Our Unemployed Professors care about your grades and have compiled a list of nine hacks that can help you get better at critical reading.

  • Developing a reading strategy

Developing a strategy for reading and understanding text is the very first step to critical reading. We recommend you adopt a three-step reading strategy;

  • Select
  • Skim
  • Reread

a. Select

The select phase of this reading strategy involves going through the entire reading list and selecting a text. Once the text has been selected, go through the blurb at the back of the book.

The blurb contains information such as a short summary of the book and a short biography of the writer.

This information can help you get a basic understanding of what the book is about even before you open the first page.

You can also look at the title. Question the title. Memorize it and mull it over in your brain. Keeping it in mind will help you understand why the writer chose that particular title for the book.

b. Skim

Skimming is going through a text without paying special attention to any areas. It helps in grasping a better understanding of the book and the story it tries to tell.

Take note of the most important aspects of the book, the major themes, the noteworthy events and some of the general ideas that the author proposes.

These will later come in handy in the next section.

c. Reread

Once you have established what the book is about, the general themes in the book and some of the author’s thoughts and ideas, you can then settle down for a long and meditative look at the book.

Skimming through the book before ensures that you have no more suspense that may cloud your understanding of the book and therefore, the brain is left free to roam the literal world of the book.

The reread helps fill in some of the gaps and plot holes that you might have noticed during the skimming.

2. Follow the SQ3R strategy

The SQ3R strategy is a reading strategy designed to help students improve their comprehension of a reading resource. It is also supposed to help them in their memory and improve their reading efficiency.

The method was proposed by education philosopher Francis Robinson in 1946 in his book, Effective Study.

The strategy derived its name from its five component steps;

  • Survey
  • Question
  • Read
  • Recite
  • Review

a. Survey

The survey step urges students to first go through the outstanding features of the book and resist the urge of diving headfast into it. Survey is best implemented on a chapter level when there is lesser ground to cover.

These outstanding features include titles, subtitles, headings, subheadings, graphs, pictures, illustrations and maps and any captions that may have be used on them.

Survey also involves using review notes and study guides from the course lecturer and comparing how they blend with the major parts of the book.

Review questions at the end of every chapter can also be a good start to getting a general overview of the text or reading resource.

Based on these, the reader should be able to formulate a conclusive image of the chapter.

b. Question

The readers should now be able to generate questions about the chapter and answer them. The headings and subheadings can also be changed into questions. Some questions that can be formulated include;

  • What is the chapter about?
  • What do I know about the subject that the chapter is talking about?
  • What question is the chapter trying to answer?
  • What information does the chapter give?

More questions can be sourced from the end of the chapter on the text or at the end of the reading resource.

These questions should help you understand the text better as you will read while trying to answer them.

c. Read

With questions formulated, you can now delve into the text. Use the background work done in Survey and Question to help you better understand the text. Look for answers to the questions raised and underline important parts of the text.

Reduce your speed for the passages that are particularly difficult to understand and take some time on them to grasp what they are about. Read a section at a time and then go to recite.

d. Recite

Recite is the second “R” in the strategy. The recite part is to help the reader see how much they have grasped from the Read section.

Try recalling the major points and ideas from the just read section. Recital may be oral or written. Recitation can also be in form of a summary.

The more you are able to recite from the previous section, the better the understanding.

e. Review

Review is the final “R” in the strategy. Once you complete the chapter at hand, you can look back on it with the short notes, questions and summaries made from the previous two parts to further internalize what you have read so far.

3. Critical Thinking as an extension of critical reading

Critical thinking is a very crucial part of critical reading.

Critical thinking involves evaluating an issue at hand, in our case, the reading resource, and after an objective analysis, forming a judgement derived from it.

In academics, this involves reading with an open mind. This means having a reading process that is not affected by personal emotions, opinions or biases.

However, in order to do this, you first have to recognize your own thoughts from those presented by the book and isolate them so that the ideas of the resource remain intact and open to the interpretation the author intended.

4. Be comfortable before you read

For most of us, being comfortable means a lot of things. For some, its sitting in your bedroom, surrounded by the memorabilia you’ve collected over the years and with probably some punk rock in the background. For others its sitting in the patio or the lawn, surrounded by the nature and its intricate scents. For others, it’s sitting by the fire, wrapped in a blanket listening to the crackling of the fire, or the whir of the electric heater while for others, the study does it just fine.

Whatever does it for you, do that. Make sure you are comfortable and without any disturbance before embarking on your read. Being comfortable ensures that the author is able to clearly speak to you and increases your understanding of the book.

5. Split the book in chunks

Another common mistake that students do is take on the entire tome at once. This inhibits your ability to internalize anything and only leaves you with a vague idea of what the book is about.

A more efficient way to go about a book is by splitting it into small chunks. This may be into chapters or even smaller sections if the chapters prove too big to handle.

Make sure that every sub-section is properly covered and understood before you can move on to the next.

6. Understand the inspiration of the book

This is especially helpful if the reading text is for a literature course and is a novel or story. For such, understanding what inspired the book could help a lot in understanding the thematic fabric of the book.

This can be done by looking up the book online. Reading about interviews that the author has attended about the book in order to get more information.

You can also look up the author and read about their life history.

One such example is an autobiography like Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar. The book heavily borrows from the personal experiences of the author and their life story. It was also written at a time when the author was facing some emotional and mental distress and this heavily translates into the book.

It is for this reason that the critical reader is urged to read more about the inspiration of the book to better grasp its content.

7. Use supplementary reference works

Another mistake that learners make is to read a reading resource in passing like one would do with a novel.

However, unlike a reading resource, you will never be tested based on a novel. Every precaution should be taken, therefore, to understand every nook and cranny of the resource.

Supplementary reference works include a dictionary and even the internet. If you find a word that you do not know its meaning, or a phrase whose meaning you know but whose use is strange, look them up. They will help in further understanding the text.

Alongside the reference works, you should also have a reading journal. This can be used to mark the progress you have made and to monitor that progress by identifying each work made with a date. That way, you can identify when you have slackened down your pace or when you have started being sketchy in your understanding of the text.

The journal can be used to write summaries and short notes from the resource that might come in handy later.

8. Post-reading

After completing the entire text using the above steps, you should compile all the notes you have jotted down through the text. Try to arrange them according to their themes.

The essence of doing this is to see if the small parts you’ve been collecting all over the text make a bigger picture.

If they actually do, this will help you easily identify it and see how the author propagates this theme all over the text.

9. Challenge the author

Having isolated your personal feelings and emotions throughout the entire text, this would be the perfect time to let them loose.

After compiling your summary of the entire text and coming up with the main theme(s) portrayed in the text, it is important to analyze them from your point of view.

This means identifying thoughts of the author that you think were incorrect, ideas that you think were unsuitable and perspectives that you think were biased. The fact that they are the author does not mean that they were not in any way influenced to come up with a conclusion that would be favorable to them.

This section allows the reader to propose their own suggestions on how these ideas should be if you think they are wrong. The reader can also support themif their personal opinion sides with that of the author’s.

However, your personal opinion of the book should not come before those of the authors unless solicited, especially in an examinable essay or paper about the text.


There are several other ways that one can read a text critically. However, the above guidelines are guaranteed to help improve your critical reading skills and your understanding of the next reading resource you decide to take down. Next time you read, you should know how to go about it.

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Why You Need to Become a Medical Assistant

Medical Assistants are valuable resources to the healthcare industry. The US Department of Labor expects the employment of medical assistants to grow to a significant rate in the next few years.

The administrative skills of medical assistants form the backdrop of any medical clinic. They are responsible for helping the physicians and healthcare organizations with a multitude of administrative tasks and explaining procedures to the patients. But what is the significant importance of a medical assistant?

Importance of Medical Assistant in the industry of Health Care

Knowledge is Power, without enough knowledge of the patient’s history, physicians cannot provide the right kind of treatment.

Although physicians diagnose and treat patients, they don’t only handle a single patient to remember their complete history. This results in the requirement of medical assistants, who maintain a record of the patients and provide the specialists and doctors with the right amount of information in order to get the best care.

There are few aspects that mark the significant importance of the medical assistants

  • The first point of Contact–From diagnosis to patient interaction, medical assistants are the first point of contact for the patients. They keep the patients flowing through the clinic providing the doctors with the tools and information they need. However, unless you’re certified by a university or diploma and earn enough training, you cannot perform the duties flawlessly. The medical assisting school in phoenix, AZ provides a sure path to employment as a medical assistant.
  • Job Variety – As a medical assistant, your career would be pretty busy and excited with a variety of roles to be played. One of the significant importance of this profession is, the nature of the role varies depending on the environment. The roles and responsibilities include both clinical and administrative duties.
  1. Role of administrative tasks – Greeting patients, answering telephones, updating and filing patients, maintaining medical records, scheduling appointments, arranging for hospital admissions and tests to be taken in the laboratory.
  2. Role of Clinical duties – Assist physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals in recording vital signs, assisting with examination and explaining treatment and procedure to the patients.
  • Taking care of health care processes – Medical assistants are multi-taskers having the ability to perform both patient care as well as administrative duties. They can streamline the process and make it extremely efficient. Perhaps, because of these reasons, they are regarded as the backbone of medical facilities.

In addition to these aspects, they act as a liaison between the patients and insurance companies. Patients only know that they need medical care and they would be unaware of the medical claims. Apparently, the medical assistant takes care of their needs and ensures the patient need not spend much out of their pockets during the various course of their treatments.

Closing Thoughts

If you’re an organized person and multi-tasker, understanding the personality of the individual, then this is the best suitable profession for you. Do you consider training as a medical assistant, then it’s a perfect time.

The medical assisting school in phoenix, AZ has been training in healthcare studies for the past few years to fit your goals. So, get enrolled with one of the best schools and become a certified medical assistant and live a life fulfilling a career.

Discover Benefits Registering With Online Educational Portal

Getting admission in your favorite course or taking preparation for exams is somehow easy now? Whether you are a student or working professional or teacher; you can study, make notes and take admission in courses via If you are looking for online courses or study assistance or institutes or tutorials near me location then you can certainly use the website.

Searching for a reliable institute or coaching center is not so easy that actually seems. In most of the cases, the words you are promised in time of admission are not got fulfilled. Sometime it is the faculty or the infrastructure or timing or course material – that goes below your expectation and necessities. But when you start to search for an institute or coaching center or courses via online portals, you will certainly get the write information. Asking how! Then please go through the piece of blog carefully.

Overview of Online Educational Portal

When you search via personalized educational online platform, you can get the full information of the institute or coaching center with remarks and ratings. Even, you can get address, contact number, course detail with fee (offered by the certain institute or coaching center) and lots more via the online portal. Therefore, it becomes easy to decide where to take admission and where to not. There are many online educational portals that offer also educational content, study assistance along with free study material for free. If you are looking for such educational online portal then can be your educational friend. to avail the study assistance in such portals, you need to be a registered user and that is all.

Advantages of Using Online Educational Portal

Yes, there are thousands and hundreds of online educational portals online. You can choose as per your necessity and preferences. But, if you are still skeptical to register with online educational portal then you need to put your glance at the below-mentioned points.

  • You can enroll without any fee. (Though exceptions are there)
  • You can enroll for online tutorials according to your schedule.
  • You do not need to travel to avail any course. But you can take the training or educational sitting at your corner.
  • You can join the course wherever you are. It is that much flexible.
  • You can get your material for free.
  • You can contact your online tutor anytime you need.

Therefore, it is clear that taking online tutorials is simply easy and fast when you are a registered user. Just choose your preferred online educational portal for online coaching/finding best institute/online instructor and get the educational help you are looking for.

Reasons to Choose Best Tally Institute in Delhi

In today’s accounting world, the tally has become an integral part. Tally is the Accounting software that helps in accounting and to generate the reports easily and quickly. It is the standard Business Accounting software that provides many beneficiaries in managing the account details for one’s business. While knowing the advantages of tally course, nowadays, many students and professionals are learning tally. Since most of the people are learning the tally course, to help with that, many institutes are emerged to deliver tally training to the learners. From the available, choose the right institute to become master in the tally.

Why Choose Best Tally Institute In Delhi

If you are residing in Delhi, luckily, you have the wide options from the rest. From the wide range of options, choose the best tally institute in Delhi and get to experience all the available software in the tally. In addition, if you choose the best institute, you could likely receive the following benefits. So keep in mind, and do the wise choices make you better in your future.

  • Delivers acceptable certification for the tally course
  • Includes well trained and experienced faculty
  • Includes lab facility for practical sessions
  • Cent percent placement assistance
  • Provide workshop sessions for tally course
  • Deliver both online and offline courses

Why One Should Learn Tally?

About 90% of Business enterprises in India and all over the world, the most institute use Tally software to manage accounting details. From this, people can clearly see that Tally is in and so it will be in great demand for years. In case, if you study tally course and get certified in that, you people will become the top priority when hiring for the specific post in MNC companies and businesses.

Having the tally certification with you when looking for the job, it will give you self-confidence knowledge to land a good job. So make sure to learn tally before you look for the job. Also, make sure to enroll with the best institute in order to get full knowledge about the Tally software.

Eligibility Criteria to learn Tally Course

Since it is the computer accounting software, people who know the basic knowledge of computers and accounting is highly recommended. With that, any student or professional who successfully passed out from the 12th standard can apply tally institute to learn this course.

Core Features of Tally

  1. Accounting
  2. Billing
  3. Sales and profit analysis
  4. Banking
  5. Inventory
  6. Taxation

Tally Training Session Details

With the help of experts, Best Institute offer their services for over many years. This way, they assure that learners will gain essential knowledge in tally. Also, they ensure to provide good placement assistance through which learners can fly on their own to the outside world.

Its training session includes,

  • Desktop base training
  • Classroom training
  • For practical knowledge, presentations, demo classes, and practical session will be conducted
  • Offer chance for Real-time experience to work with clients

If you are Delhi resident and are looking for a good job, enroll today and become a successful accountant in the mere future.

Signs Your Child Needs Small Group Private Tuition

If your child is struggling with a particular subject in school or takes a long time to complete their homework, they might be showing signs of needing small group private tuition. Additionally, if their weekly test scores are low or inconsistent and they get frustrated easily with a lesson, many experts agree that tuition services could be the solution to their frustration.

If you have noticed any of these signs in your child, keep reading as we are going to share some useful information that could make your child a better learner and increase their level of attainment. Small group private tuition centres in the UK are available to make particular subjects easier for your child to learn and comprehend and here are some signs that your child might need small group private tuition.

Signs Your Child Needs A Tutor

Homework takes longer than it should- yes, even primary school children are receiving homework and if your child spends a lot of time on their homework and it seems as though it is longer than usual, they could be missing out on spending time with their family or friends or participating in sports. Small group private tuition can help them become more efficient by teaching them innovative new ways to study and understand the material.

Homework is frustrating- if you notice that your child becomes frustrated with their homework, it could be that they don’t understand the material or they are having difficulty comprehending the subject itself.

Low test scores- even if your child studies and feels confident that they understand the material, they could still receive low or inconsistent test scores. Small group tuition can help by teaching your child how to become more successful when it comes to tests and assessments.

Teacher recommendation- many teachers will often recommend a child receive additional support if they are having difficulty learning. Every teacher wants their students to learn and succeed, but with large class sizes it isdifficultto provide every child with one on one instruction. Small group private tuition centres can provide the one on one learning your child needs for success.

Not wanting to go to school- some primary school children get so frustrated with a subject that they don’t want to go to school. If this happens often, it could be a sign they need additional help with learning the material and understanding how it relates to the world around them. Small group tuition specialises in teaching children new ways to study and understand information more effectively.

Learn More

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Study Hacks For Chemistry

Chemistry has a reputation of being a difficult science to master. Let us take a minute to think about what makes Chemistry so hard? One has to be comfortable with maths including algebra to understand and work chemistry problems. Part of the reason why chemistry is so hard for many is due to the fact that one has to re-learn math at the same time they learn chemistry. In Chemistry, there are 118 elements to learn, an entire system of writing chemical equations and variety of new words to master. There is more to Chemistry than just learn the concepts. One has to learn to communicate and interpret the way Chemistry is described.

Even though Chemistry is challenging, it is worthwhile and possible to master. Also, which other science discipline explains so much of the world around you?  You may need to change the way you organize your time and learn new study skills but anyone with the will to learn chemistry can do so. You will gain a deep sense of accomplishment as you succeed.

While studying concepts like reactivity series in Chemistry can get hard, there are a few things that can make studying the subject a lot easier and fun.  Following are a few tips that will help you learn Chemistry effectively

  • Brush Up on Your Math

There are going to be a plenty of equations and formulas to solve in Chemistry. If you can’t remember how to solve quadratic and logarithmic equations, then it is a good idea to go through a few algebraic problems. A few of the math concepts that are often used in Chemistry are:

  1. Exponents
  2. Fractions
  3. Logarithms
  4. Negative Numbers
  • Choose a Quality Textbook

Don’t choose a textbook just because it seems easy. Reading such textbooks might make you feel like you have learnt chemistry. But you learn without really understanding the essential principles. In order to find a good textbook, take a look at some university bookstore and find out which textbooks their professor prefers.

  • Learn and Understand the Periodic Table

Learning elements in Chemistry is just as essential as learning numbers in Math. It is also essential to learn the trends of the periodic table to learn more complex concepts in Chemistry. One should learn to read and understand what is on in the periodic table. The elements of the periodic table are grouped into metals, nonmetals and metalloids or also known as semimetals. The metalloids separate metals and nonmetalson a periodic table.

  • Link your lab studies to the content in your textbook

The lab studies are designed in such a way that they support your class lectures. Ultimately, chemistry is a science performed in a lab. Performing experiments will give you a chance to brush up on your knowledge of equations and measurements.

These were a few tips to help make studying chemistry easier. Above all, Keep trying! Everyone learns at different speeds and in different ways. There are lots of engaging and interesting content on Chemistry at BYJU’S that can make you curious about Chemistry. You can subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel to learn about the different concepts in chemistry and also have a glimpse of how BYJU’S app is changing the way students learn.

Top tips for essay writing skills that can improve career for students

Essay writing can be a very hard task to master if you are a beginner, it looks relatively an easier task from outside but it is one of the hardest task to deliver if you are a school student. In schools it carries a lot of weightage f marks a it is one of the most elementary forms of tasks that is given to a student. Essay writing follows a lot of principles which needs to be kept in mind before writing on a particular topic.Let us examine some of the tips that can improve essay writing skills especially for a school student:

  1. Search for a topic: Always search for a particular topic where you can formulate your own ideas rather than taking a topic where you have to paraphrase ideas of someone else. Research on the topic that you have chosen , thus you will have a proper view of what you are going to write about. Remember as a school student your main task is to impress the examiner so you can beat the competition. Every examiner wants a topic from you that has your ideas not the ideas written by someone else, so be very careful in hosing a topic.
  2. Structure: Sites like management writing solutionsprovides you a lot of examples that can help you to study the structure of an essay. It is of utmost importance to study the structure of an essay for a school student. First you need to start the essay with a proper introduction where you need to write about the purpose of the topic so that the reader gets a proper overview of what your topic mainly deals about. Your introduction should convey to the readers what is going to come further in the topic. Next comes the body where you have to write about the main points. This part is the most important section of the essay as it contains the detailed points of the topic. You can also elicit the problems faced in the topic or by the topic, but you need to follow it up with proper solutions, letting the examiner know that you have studied the topic in detail. Then comes the conclusion where the main points of the topic are briefed, you can also add relevant ideas to the conclusion, if found necessary.
  3. Improve writing skills: Always look to improve your writing skills which will help you to fare better as an individual. There are various examples of essay for students that can help to provide support to a concerned student to study the basics about perfect ting the skills of essay writing. Plus one can also learn about the literature of the concerned topic from these examples. Literature forms an integral part of the essay writing, so take proper care in learning or studying the literature from these examples. You can also improve your vocabulary from these topics as a good stock of words will always help you to impress your teacher or your instructor to provide you with good marks. Now you can find affordable paper online at PenMyPaper,here you can consult experienced writers who can deliver impeccable and flawless write ups within the given deadline, thus eliminating study pressure for students.

Thus these are some of the ways by which you can improve your essay writing skills as a student.

How to score high in GMAT exam?

This is a question that is asked by almost each and every student aspiring to appear for the GMAT exam to join their favourite management institution to pursue higher studies. The truth is that the young minds are full of queries, illusions and doubts that they would like to clear from the experts. Wrong advice will only dash all their hopes and may also lead them away from the path of success. Hence, it becomes essential for students to join the top coaching centre that is well known for helping students to get good scores in the exam.

Good teaching

The reputed coaching institutions do offer quality gmat classes Singapore on the various subjects covered in the exam like English, reasoning, physics and mathematics. If the desire is to have a sound and strong professional career in all distinguished accounts and management field besides technology and science, then studying properly and thoroughly is of crucial importance.

The current globalization era and free trade has opened up plenty of opportunities for students to pursue their study abroad in a country of their choice and also to get high paying management jobs on successful completion of the program. Moreover, the increasing demand for GMAT qualified management candidates all over the world has only been prompting students in huge numbers to appear for this exam to further their fortunes. The more forward looking, skilful and learned mangers who can overcome challenges to change the course of all business activities are being paid handsomely and treated like a king.

How gmat courses Singapore can help the students to get good scores in the GMAT Exam?

  • Makes strengths stronger: Every student does have his/her own strengths and weaknesses. It is quite natural for the students to strengthen their weakness to ensure all-round positive performance. At the same time, while excelling the weak topics, the favourite ones should not be neglected. Every right answer will bring marks in the exam. The GMAT exam has 78 challenging questions that are to be solved within 150 minutes. Therefore, it is only the most confident and well prepared student who has high level of efficiency will be able to complete the entire paper and also get top scores. By practicing strong topics, the student will be able to finish them off quickly, so that the less strong ones can be given more time to be completed.
  • Study from well referenced books: Students in huge numbers are found to study from the wrong books to prepare for the exam and end up wasting precious energy and time. Moreover, they score very less in the exam, although they have put in all the effort and pain. Learning the correct stuff can help them to be better prepared and be better prepared to give the exam. So only essential and highly recommended books for the different topics are to be purchased and studied.

The learned and experienced faculties at the reputed coaching centres does help the students to choose the right books and prepare the correct way to complete the topics much ahead of time and to revise continuously.

Classroom Apps Are Changing the Conception of Modern Education

Technology is having an impact on the classroom, teachers and students. Mobile apps have become common and affordable for helping children succeed in the learning process. Some of these apps are exceptional and choosing the right app is an important decision. These apps foster more interaction and increase the engagement between the teachers, students and parents. Students learn faster and more effectively when they are entertained. The classroom apps promote an interest in learning, helps the students pass the different levels, enhances education and helps ensure the parents are involved in the process.

Many parents have concerns regarding the amount of television watched by their children. A classroom app provides the ability for children to make good use of their time, expand their student work portfolio and learn something new. There is also a sustainability factor. In the past, the standard method for learning centered around papers. Papers were used for homework, taking notes, tests and reports. Since classroom apps significantly decrease the need for paper, less trees are cut down. This means the generations of the future will benefit from a greener earth. For additional information please visit here.

Classroom apps enable both systematic and smart learning. This helps ensure children have the desire to learn. When a student is interested in the subject, their knowledge retention will increase along with their efforts. A classroom app is also available 24/7. This means the student does not have to be in a classroom to learn. They can increase their education anywhere and at any time with the use of the app. It is also important to realize it is not just the children who receive benefits from a classroom app. Educational apps provide numerous benefits to teachers and parents as well. Teachers can plan their lessons and have discussions with the parents. This makes the classroom more interactive for everyone involved. For more details please visit this site.

Mobile classroom apps are an advancement for the traditional method involving papers, pens and pencils. Any necessary information can easily be downloaded such as reference notes or information regarding a specific person, period in history or place. A classroom app also enables the student to receive updates for important information, events at the school, alerts, deadlines and timetables. The expectations are apps will soon enable payments such as library fines, tuition fees and school fees. Interaction is provided for the students with other students and the alumni.

Some classroom apps enable the parents to track the progress of their children. They can use the app to help their children improve math, reading and other skills. An educational app is a good way for students to remain connected with their teachers. This provides a lot more value than the traditional learning methods. Millions of students are currently using a classroom app and achieving success. This figure is consistently increasing and includes universities, high schools, elementary schools and colleges. In excess of ninety percent of the population throughout the world has the ability to access a mobile network.